Pipe Lines, Cable, Tree - Tags & Markers - Custom Made

Color Coding of Pipe lines with information , cable etc are all an essential activity of any small , medium and large manufacturing plant.

Contact us with your requirements, or enquire with us if you want help or assistance in providing information on how to order.

Our supplies are for indoor and outdoor applications.

Kinelectro Lines supplies us with aluminum name plates for the our special purpose CNC Machines. With no rejects in over 120 orders in the last year they have been a consistently Grade 1 supplier for us.
Kennametal Inc
Basavaraju K C
Kinelectro Lines has been a supplier for Aluminum Name plates since 2011. Apart from great quality we are always impressed by their on time delivery.
They are very flexible, can do small or large orders and this is been very helpful for me to scale up from a small operation to where we are today.
We manufacture high performance machines for the Textile industry. Kineelctrolines has been our supplier since 2008 and remain so because they can meet Toyota's high standards.
Usha K