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When was the last calibration done? who did it , when is it next, when was oil change done, when next, who did it? all this data pasted on the label and updated saves a lot of trouble. Make sure your machinery and equipment have a label pasted to provide all of this critical information.
Our Calibration Labels are printed on a variety of substrates, including Polyester, Polycarbonate, Thin Anodized Aluminum, and other options of your choice. With pressure-sensitive adhesives like 3M Part 467 MP and Nitto 5015, we ensure secure attachment to various surfaces. Whether you require screen or digital printing, our custom printing services cater to your quantity.
requirements with no minimum order quantity restrictions. With our streamlined operations and commitment to delivering superior quality in shorter lead times, we are your trusted provider for Calibration Labels.

Types of Calibration Labels:

Polyester Labels: Durable and resistant to harsh environmental conditions, Polyester Calibration Labels provide long-term reliability.

Polycarbonate Labels: Offering excellent clarity and visibility, Polycarbonate Calibration Labels are abrasion and impact-resistant, ideal for demanding industrial environments.

Thin Anodized Aluminum Labels: Thin Anodized Aluminum Calibration Labels provide durability, a professional appearance, and resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and extreme temperatures.

Our Manufacturing Process:

Custom Printing: We offer custom printing services to tailor the design, size, and substrate of Calibration Labels to your specific requirements.

Material Selection: Our carefully selected materials undergo stringent quality checks to ensure their durability, resistance, and suitability for calibration label applications.

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives: Calibration Labels are equipped with high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesives, such as 3M Part 467 MP and Nitto 5015, ensuring secure attachment to various surfaces.

Industries Where Calibration Labels are Applicable:

Manufacturing and Industrial

Maintain precise calibration in factories, warehouses, and industrial settings for optimal equipment performance.


Ensure the highest standards of accuracy and quality in pharmaceutical manufacturing, research, and testing processes.


Guarantee precision and reliability in automotive components and machinery with calibrated tools and equipment.

Iron & Steel

Sustain accuracy and efficiency in iron and steel production processes through properly calibrated machinery and instruments.

Why Choose Us:


With our industrial expertise, we quickly grasp your calibration label needs and provide customized solutions to meet your specifications.


We prioritize quality and durability in our manufacturing process to deliver Calibration Labels that withstand demanding environments.


Our well-organized operating procedures and infrastructure enable us to provide shorter lead times without compromising quality.


We offer customization options for design, size, substrate, and adhesive to ensure Calibration Labels perfectly match your requirements.

Our commitment to excellence extends to the provision of top-notch Calibration Labels, designed to bolster precise calibration and quality control processes spanning diverse industries. With a versatile selection of materials, custom printing prowess, and an unwavering dedication to streamlined service, we emerge as the optimal partner for your Calibration Label requirements. Rely on our seasoned expertise, premium products, and expedited lead times to elevate the precision and efficiency of your operations.
Whether it’s Calibration Labels, Identification Labels, or specialized solutions like Pipeline & Tree Markers, we stand ready to deliver exceptional quality and support for your unique needs, ensuring that your operations benefit from utmost accuracy and productivity.
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