Graphic Overlays

As a leading graphic overlay manufacture, we make Industrial Grade Graphic Overlays for machine tools, heavy machines, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, iron & steel and other industries
Graphic Overlay Manufacturers

Durable graphic overlays and front panels for equipment controls and user interfaces! 

We are one of the leading manufacture and suppliers of graphic overlays which includes: Polyester, Polycarbonate, Vinyl, Thin Aluminum, or any possible graphic overlays and panel overlays. Brilliant colors and high resolution graphics are digitally imaged or screen printed on second surface (under side) to allow the Polyester, Polycarbonate, Vinyl, Thin Aluminum, or any possible surface to protect the printed image while providing exceptional durability. May be produced from your existing artwork or drawings, or our design staff will work with you to design the best overlay for your product.

Precision fabricated through laser cutting or die stamping to hold a tolerance of +/- .010 and insure accurate fit in your most exacting application. Material thickness ranging from .00x -.0xx makes it easy to create a finished product that will bring your design to life. Various surface textures such as polished, fine matte and velvet matte are available.

May include holes for equipment button access or windows for LED display and patterned or selective adhesive packing for secure attachment to bare steel & aluminum, powdercoats and both high and low surface energy plastics. Also available with embossed buttons for switch activation overlays provide instructions, branding, and protection for your OEM equipment and machinery.  Ideal for indoor, outdoor and all harsh environments.


Our wide range of Graphic Overlays include:

  • Printed on Polyester, Polycarbonate, Vinyl, Thin Aluminum, or any possible substrate of your choice. Pressure-sensitive adhesives for pasting in most common use are 3M Part 467 MP & Nitto 5015.
  • Screen or Digital Print based on your quantity requirements, no MoQ’s.
  • CNC or Die Cut based on quantity requirements to match your cut out, pitch, etc specifications to ensure a precise fit and finish.
  • We are well organized with operating procedures and infrastructure in place. We are quick to understand your requirements and provide the best quality with a shorter lead time.
  • 1. Polyester or polycarbonate overlay:

Polycarbonate and Polyester Multifunction Custom Graphic Overlays Durable Graphic Overlays Fastest turnaround on your custom overlays. Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed. Enhance your product appearance with crisp and precise.

2. Aluminum Front Panels:

Anodized aluminum with durable sub-surface image provides lifetime performance. Images will not degrade with time. Durable class II anodize protects the panel and enhances the appearance for decades even under harsh industrial and environmental conditions. Ensure critical operational data remains clearly readable for the life of your product. Precise fabrication of the most complex and intricate designs, including unusual cutout shapes.

Note: Pressure-sensitive adhesives for pasting in most common use are 3M Part 467 MP & Nitto 5015.

Some of the Control Panel Applications:

• Membrane switches

• Decorative and interface solutions

• Front panels for OEM equipment

• Epoxy keys

• Deadfront graphics and windows

• Touchscreens


Our Expertise:

·         Durable polyester or polycarbonate overlay

·         Lifetime durability

·         Best for indoor or outdoor use

·         Custom design


Graphic Overlay Manufactures

With decades of custom manufacturing experience, Kine Electrolines has honed its ability to understand unique customer requirements and applications, manage complex data sequences, parse complex engineered drawings, satisfy the strictest tolerances, manage multiple shipment dates and locations, and deliver on the tightest deadlines. All these factors make Kine Electrolines a premier graphic overlay manufacturer and a leader in the industrial identification industry. we also manufactures Fascia panelsIndustrial name platesasset labels, etc.  contact us today to get free samples of graphic overlays for your needs.