Name Plates

Anodized Aluminum nameplates, high resolution, and durable Polymer and Polycarbonate industrial grade
Name Plates Manufactures

Industrial nameplates, tags & labels that last in any environment including the harshest and most demanding. Express manufactures dataplates, industrial nameplates & tags for machine identification, work in process identification and location identification. Digitally or Screen Printed based on order Quantities. As a leading nameplates manufactures Kinelectro Lines makes wide range of nameplates. 

Our wide range of nameplates include:

1. Aluminium Nameplates Manufacturing:

Anodized aluminium nameplates are a cost-effective solution when looking for durable, metal nameplates. Enhance the appearance of your equipment with attractive identification and durable functionality that lasts decades in the harshest environments. 

These labels are ideal for product identification, warning plates, and instruction legends and will not degrade over time.These labels are traditionally produced with static data. But, you may order nameplates sequentially numbered or with any variable data scheme that you require. Barcode and graphics are embedded within the aluminum oxide surface of the aluminum, which provides years of service and exceptional resistance to chemicals, heat, cold, abrasion, and prolonged exposure to harsh weather elements. Custom Industrial Nameplates designed and produced to your specifications. Request a quote online or contact us today to discuss your needs.

Our expertise in Aluminium Nameplates:

• Durable anodized sub-surface image
• Accurate realization of your engineered drawing
• Expert design assistance if you require
• ISO Certified Quality
• Full customization

Print impregnated into the anodic pore of the sub surface of the aluminum for long lasting and sharp images.
Name Plate Manufacturers

2. Polymer Nameplates Manufacturing:

Polymer nameplates are a durable and economical labeling solution for light to moderate exposure in a variety of industrial applications. Enhance product appearance with crisp, vibrant, and precise graphics. Image is second surface printed, which provides additional protection from the elements. We offer a multitude of colors designed using digital imaging technology, to provide our customers with the exact design needed. 

Polymer is printed on the underside of transparent material, which allows the polycarbonate itself to provide protection from the elements. This is the more rugged option for moderately challenging environments, both indoors and outdoors.

Our expertise in Polymer Nameplates:

• Durable reverse-print image

• Lifetime durability

• Best for indoor or outdoor use

• Custom design

Vinyl Nameplates Manufacturing:

Tough, flexible and economical, vinyl
nameplates can conform to a number of surfaces, including irregular surfaces
and hard-to-reach areas. Our durable soft white vinyl can conform to a number
of surfaces, including often difficult to install name plates to irregular

Nameplates are highly-customizable with a
multitude of color options available.


Our expertise in Vinyl Nameplates:

• The most economical solution

• Adheres to uneven surfaces

• Best for indoor or outdoor use

• Custom design


*Available in thickness ranging from .00xx” to .0xx”.

*Produced in virtually any size or shape.


*A wide variety of premium 3M Nitto Denko adhesives is available to provide the optimum bond to your attachment surface.

As photosensitivity on an aluminum sheet is limited only to black shades, we use long lasting dyes to print either digitally or by screen printing based on the content , quantity of your orders. We are in a world of color, matching your desired shade is achievable for your name plates and all other signages in aluminum. Our prints very well withstand harsh weather conditions, chemical and industrial environments.

  • Anodized Aluminum or on Polymer.
  • Digitally or Screen Printed based on order Quantities.
  • No MoQ’s Can incorporate variable content such as Serial Number, Year of Manufacture, etc.