Kinelectro Lines Is Proud To Be A Vendor For Big Basket, Leading Online Grocery Retailers In India

Big Basket is a one stop destination for all grocery needs. Since their launch in 2011, Big Basket has become one of the leading online grocery retailers in India, with over a million customers. The company has set new benchmarks in supply chain management, warehousing, inventory management, quality control and innovative services such as home deliveries and price comparison across the web. We are proud to be a vendor for Big Basket, our high quality Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) are printed on tough, engineering-grade thermo polymers that help connect the dots faster and with precision. Twitter buttons to include them in the upload.

Importance of QR Codes in the warehousing?

The QR code on the storage tray at the mother warehouse contains information about the contents of the tray, for example 10 kilograms of watermelon. When the receiving / distribution warehouse receives the tray, they verify the contents and quantity using the QR code.

The QR codes fixed on the storage racks provide information about the contents, quantity, and location of the items in the warehouse. They can also provide information about the date of harvest, packing, manufacturing, and processing of the items, as well as the shelf life.

The personnel who are responsible for segregating the contents in order to prepare the delivery bags have access to information via the software that is linked to quick response codes. This allows the correct items to be placed in the delivery bags. The volume in the trays is automatically updated by the software as the contents are being picked up.

Delivery bags are stacked up on a trolley that has a QR code. This code is updated with the number of bags being delivered. In the last leg of the journey, the bags are handed over to the delivery personnel. They check the contents of the bags against the QR code to make sure everything matches. This system is foolproof and ensures that your orders are delivered correctly.

With our unique printing methods and state-of-the-art printers, we are able to produce clean, crisp QR codes that are easily scanned and read. We offer a variety of options including barcodes, QR codes, and data matrix codes. Log on to our website and place your order today!

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